Bucket of Time - Shopify Consultation

Bucket of Time - Shopify Consultation

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Your Store Wizards offers Shopify consultation in "hour buckets".  Sometimes when you request web development from web developers, you will explain your problem, and you often don't get a response with pricing.

The reason for this is that in the development world, it can often times cost your web developer just as much time as it would take to fix the actual issue.  So you ask for a price, and the web developer realizes that just determining the cost of the issue you are attempting to solve may actually cost more than actually fixing the issue itself - and many times the issue you are trying to solve has a better solution that then solution you believe is the correct one.

This is why we offer "Buckets of Time".

If you have an issue that you think is relatively simple, just choose the 1 Hour Bucket option.  Chances are that within the hour, we can work with you to create a custom solution for your problem.  If it is an issue that you believe needs even more time, select a higher hour bucket. 

You never lose with our Bucket of time. If we are able to solve your problem in less time than you have selected, the remaining minutes will remain in your account indefinitely.  

Use Buckets of Time for troubleshooting scripts, apps, shipping problems, etc. Buckets of Time are also useful for consultation to spec a feature or general development.  Unlike other developers with "sales" teams that are great at selling you things you don't need - at Your Store Wizards you will work directly with the developer to craft a custom solution, so this ensures that you will pay the lowest price on your actual project.

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