Data Migration Review for Re-Platforming

Data Migration Review for Re-Platforming

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Thinking of moving from another platform to Shopify?  Our team will do a comprehensive review of what's necessary to do a successful data migration.

When you re-platform from one shopping cart to another, there are generally two components.  The data migration, and programming/implementation.

When you purchase this product, we will review your existing data and create a report for you that explains what is needed to actually perform the migration and programming/implementation.  You would then have the option to purchase it from us, OR use this report to go to other platform migration companies and get competitive quotes.  

Without a comprehensive review, it is impossible for any company to do a data migration.  Doing this step first will allow for a "concrete" plan, which will prevent problems along the way that will add extra expense.

Data migrations can cost anywhere from $1000 or more based on the number of products, sku options, etc.  

Purchasing this product will cover having our team review your store regardless of the platform you wish to transfer from, and will allow us to successfully price out a total migration cost for you.

We will deliver a report to you along with an itemized quote for the actual data migration cost.  If you choose to use Your Store Wizards to complete the data migration/implementation, the $399 spent on this report will be deducted from your overall project.  

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