Shopify Speed Optimization Review

Shopify Speed Optimization Review

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Website speed is one of the most important things necessary for eCommerce success.  It has been proven time and time again that Google tends to be weary of websites that have longer than average load times.

You may have heard the website speed plays a big role, but here is some concrete evidence that shows just how important the problem is.

  • Amazon reports a 100 millisecond page load delay (yes, that's only one-tenth of a second) costs them 1% in sales.
  • Yahoo reports a 400 millisecond delay costs them 5-9% in full page traffic. (That's when a shopper just quits waiting and either closes the browser or hits the back button and gives up)
  • Google reports a 500 millisecond delay (one-half second) results in 20% fewer searches.

Most of the time improvement can be made without changing a site's layout and design. This product is a report of improvements that can be made.  If there is a cost to any of the improvements, the $249 will be applied to that cost.

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